Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2015

The Health-Care Effects of Tomato

With bright colors and attractive appearance, the tomato has become one of the favorite foods in people's daily diet. In fact, the nutrients contained in tomatoes is very good like appearance, and can be used to prevent and treat some minor illness.

First, beautify the skin: Peel fresh and ripe tomatoes, seeded, then mash and it was. Apply the mashed tomatoes on the skin 2 to 3 times each day, which can make the skin smooth, and has the effect of anti-aging cosmetics and excellent. Moreover, it also can cure skin disease caused by a fungal infection.

Second, prevent cancer: Tomatoes are not only very nutritious, but also has a strong effect in removing heat and toxic materials, as well as inhibit the pathological changes. As a result, eat 1 or 2 fresh and ripe tomatoes every day can play an anti-cancer effect.

Third, treat ulcers: If you suffer from mild peptic ulcer, you can mix the tomato juice and potato juice together, then drink one glass of juice mixture every morning and afternoon. If you drink a mixture of juices for 10 consecutive times, then the ulcer will heal.

Fourth, lowers high fever: Mix the tomato juice and watermelon juice together, then drink every half hour. After some time, a high fever will be brought down.

Fifth, cure bleeding gums: Wash tomatoes clean and eat raw tomatoes as a fruit for a month in a row. In such cases, can cure bleeding gums.

Apart from the above-mentioned diseases, tomatoes are also very effective for preventing and treating high blood pressure, anemia, hepatitis, heat stroke, and so on. Although tomatoes have so many health effects on the human body, there are some notices you should pay attention when eating tomatoes.

First, do not eat tomatoes and cucumbers at the same time.
Second, do not eat tomatoes when taking heparin, dicoumarol and other anti-clotting.
Third, do not eat tomatoes when you are on an empty stomach.
Fourth, do not eat raw tomatoes.
Fifth, do not eat tomatoes that have been cooked long at high temperatures. In a word, the tomato is very beneficial to human health. The content of the nutrients (like lycopene) contained in it not only can meet the essential needs of the human body, but also can help people prevent and treat certain types of illnesses.

As long as we pay more attention to this notice when eating tomatoes, we can get a satisfactory effect.

Selasa, 28 Juli 2015

The Health Care Effect of Durian

As a kind of tropical plants, durian has some sort of natural sweetness with heat. Although the murky smell, the fruit was very smooth. Durian contains abundant nutrients including protein, fat, vitamins, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Durian play an important role in helping people stay healthy.

In general, the durian can effectively help people nourish the body, strengthens blood circulation and relieve cold. According to modern science and diet, the nutritional value of durian is very high. People can often eat durian so nourish their own bodies. In Thailand, durian is considered as a type of fruit that is effective to nourish the body for patients and postpartum women. Due to the nature of heat, durian can effectively strengthen blood circulation, eliminate cold and help women stop menstrual pain. Therefore, it is suitable for women who always suffer from dysmenorrhea to eat. At the same time, the durian can increase the coolness of the stomach and accelerate the increase in body temperature. Therefore, it is also suitable for people with a cold constitution to eat so as to adjust physical condition. It has been proved that the soup is cooked with fruit durian shells and bones can treat various symptoms of cold constitution.

Durian can be used to adjust the diet therapy is suitable for handling a wide range of symptoms according to the real conditions of society. For example, durian can be used for chicken stew. At first, people should prepare 50 grams of durian, 10 grams of ginger, 50 grams of red dates, 50 grams of a walnut and chicken. After some preparation, people can put a piece of chicken, a walnut, red dates, skin durian and durian meat into the pot to boil them, and then put the ginger into the pot. Once the material is boiled properly, people can put some season to them, such as salt.

Although the durian is very high nutritional value, people do not have to eat to excess. Excessive intake of durian can cause the body to overheat, and abundant nutrients can not be fully absorbed by the human body. Because large amounts of sugar, excessive intake of durian can also worsen the symptoms of patients with diabetes. Therefore, people have to eat durian in the right amounts so as to make full use of the abundant nutrients contained in durian such as calcium and phosphorus.

Selasa, 21 Juli 2015

Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea hit the spotlight once again, as a natural medicine for lowering LDL cholesterol levels;

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant as well drop the calories and blood sugar. Learn about green tea as other foods containing antioxidants are surprisingly high. Many benefits of green tea; there are some benefits of green tea that has been concluded by scientists, nutritionists and health professionals leading.

Most of these benefits obtained from powerful antioxidants known as catechins are known to scavenge cells for the presence of free radicals that can damage DNA and thus lead to complications such as blood clots, cancer and deep vein thrombosis

It has been proven to prevent the flu, Increase Metabolism, improve heart health and fight obesity few long-term studies in China and Japan which showed that treatment with the green tea catechins reduces body fat and weight.

Discover the health benefits of green tea in China nearly a thousand years ago, has long been accepted wisdom to have health benefits. Green Tea Extract is a natural substance that is extracted through a proprietary process that concentrates the benefits of fresh green tea leaves, Dual Action Anti-Aging, Cleansing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory fats oxidize and eliminate free radicals. Green Tea Extract material has the added benefit of fighting fatigue and increase energy increased metabolism and fat oxidation.

EGCG EGCG helps burn calories and have been proven to promote fat oxidation, (EGCG is a polyphenol, which helps with the production of proteins and certain alkaloids) is the major catechin green tea has long been thought to have cancer prevention capabilities that attract the research, some new meta-study has begin to explain how much green tea is needed to provide a meaningful reduction in the risk for some types of primary cancers, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Green Tea is all natural and it's much more than just a food supplement.

The combination of de-caffeinated Green Tea with Curcumin, {two of the most powerful natural antioxidants promotes optimal health and immune support.

* Super Anti-Oxidant and Anti-inflammatory action
* Stimulating the immune system
* Normalize healthy bacteria in the gut
* This is the standard proprietary formulations containing at least 90% polyphenols. Proven quality at an exceptional value
* Powerful Free Radical
* Increases metabolism and fat oxidation increased
* Dual action anti-aging and cleaning
* Antioxidant / Anti-Inflammatory (Oxidze fat and eliminate free radicals)
* Fight Fatigue and Boost Energy

Curcumin (turmeric) has been known in medicine for a huge potential for health improvements such as anti-inflammatory properties, shows promise as an antifungal for Candida and many other fungal infections. The new study shows the benefits of Alzheimer Longvida curcumin.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, contains a mixture of powerful phytonutrients known as kurkuminoid. Kurkuminoid have antioxidant properties, which means they resist the damaging effects of free radical molecules in the body and may have anti-inflammatory effects significantly used by the ancient Greeks, and widely recommended in Ayurvedic medicine. "Curcumin Naturally Fights Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's disease and obesity."

Doctors Naturals Green Tea Extract Curcumin has 90 percent of the amount of polyphenols and 60 percent EGCG and 1 capsule equals 4 cups of tea. Anti-oxidant action of EGCG is up to 100 times more powerful than vitamin C or E. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, contains a mixture of powerful phytonutrients known as kurkuminoid. Kurkuminoid have antioxidant properties, which means they resist the damaging effects of free radical molecules in the body and may have anti-inflammatory effects are significant.

One way is to pick a famous brand of organic green tea at a natural grocery store, and start by taking a cup of tea every day. You can also take green tea extract, in the form of a supplement. SimplyPure Broad Spectrum Green Tea with Curcumin synergistically advanced dual-action super supplement now with Bioperine for Enhanced absorption. The combination of de-caffeinated Green Tea with Curcumin, two of the most powerful natural antioxidants promotes optimal health and immune support.

Selasa, 14 Juli 2015

Best Green Personal Care Products

Living green is the best way to make sure that the earth stays healthy and to make sure that future generations are not cleaning up our mess. If you want to keep the earth beautiful for many years to come, you will want to go green in as many aspects of your life as possible. One such area is your personal care products. Choosing green personal care products will allow you to stay clean and healthy without damaging our earth. You can take advantage of all of the benefits that you expect from these types of products without any harm or risk to the world around us.

Like most people, you might not want to invest a large amount of time into creating the products from scratch. While it is certainly the green thing to do, it is far too time consuming and unreliable for most people. Instead, you can find some excellent products that are already green. Before going off on your search, however, know that green is not always green. A company can technically say a lot of things without any trouble. Some may say that their products are eco-friendly, green, but this may not completely hold true. Make sure that you are buying products you know are safe.

There are plenty of great products out there, like Pangea and Organic Essence. These give you the quality cleaning and the fresh feeling that you are after without any danger to yourself or the world around you. These contain no harmful ingredients that could damage skin or your health or the earth. The ingredient lists on these products will typically stay relatively safe. They will focus on offering natural ways to keep you looking and feeling great, which may work better than you might expect. You can enjoy getting clean without having to worry about how you might end up harming the earth.

When it comes to the ingredient lists, keep an eye out for them. You may not recognize all ingredients, even in completely green products, but there are some that you should keep in mind. Various preservatives, as an example, might leave you feeling irritated. There are plenty of ingredients commonly found in these products that you will not want. These ingredients put you at a higher risk of irritation, health problems, and future concerns while also damaging the earth. The list is long, but avoiding the ingredients is worth the time.

Kamis, 09 Juli 2015

Herbal Health Care - Use Nature For Treatment

In order to get rid of the pain or fortify the organism people have turned to nature for remedies. This practice, of seeking the best plants that will help the body get stronger and fight any kind disease, dates from ancient times, when people discovered a lot of herbs with strong curative properties. The Sumerians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese and the Hebrews have all used herbal remedies in the cure of the diseases which they were faced with.

As time passed by, people forgot about the positive effects of the natural ingredients and chose instead the medicines prescribed by the modern doctors. Yet, the tendency of turning back to nature and use at maximum its products is increased.
People are realizing that the nature has more to offer to those willing to try complementary and alternative medication. Following the newly set trend of going green, people choose their medication in accordance with their credo that there is nothing better than using products based on herbs and other such natural ingredients.

Following the same trend, a lot of companies have started to produce medicines, alimentary suppliers and cosmetic products based solely on herbs or from herbs combined with other substances, usually of natural origin too. Usually, the companies advertise their products as being the modern form of the ancient medication. Connections with different cultures and lifestyles are sometimes invoked, such as Tibetan and Chinese cultures and assurances are given that the products follow closely the traditional receipts passed from generation to generation.

As previously mentioned there are numerous companies that produce natural remedies. Most of them have their origin in India and China, but other countries are represented, too. The most famous such company from America is called Himalaya Herbal Health care and delivers its products inside the USA, as well as in other countries. There are companies situated in Europe which also have produce natural remedies from herbs. One such company is located in London and it is called Greenleaves Herbal Care.

The internet has contributed significantly to the spread of the naturist products and diets by means of the online stores. They are available to anybody interested in such products and they have the advantage of being delivered to the address indicated by the buyer. In addition to that, there are specialized forums from which people can find out the benefices and the disadvantages of a certain product.

Selasa, 23 Juni 2015

Ideas For Baby Shower Greetings

When it comes time to think of the perfect gift for a baby shower, the baby shower greeting can be just as important as the gift itself. Whatever you decide the gift should be, it can be fun to pick out the gift for the new bundle of joy. Once you've got the gift, it's time to pick out the perfect accompanying card with just the right inscription.

Whether you want you baby shower greetings to be sentimental or sweet or perhaps a little humorous, it's important to find just the right thing to say. Sentimental thoughts like "Babies are a gift from heaven. You must be special to have one of its angels." or "I pray for health and happiness to you and the baby." might offer just the right thought for someone special as they welcome a new child into their family. You might like sweet greetings like "Congratulations on your new bundle of joy." or "Best wishes to you and your new little one." or even "May the joy of parenting bring you a lifetime of laughter and happiness."

For those that prefer baby shower greetings of a more humorous nature, there are a good variety of those as well. Choose something such as "Goodbye tummy. Hello Mommy!" or "Babies are always more trouble than you thought and more wonderful." Whatever you choose to write in your gift card, it's sure to please the mother to be because of the thought you put into it. Whether you choose something with a touch of humor or you prefer something more serious, finding the perfect thing to say in your baby shower greeting can be as fun as picking out the gift. With a variety of cards to choose from and the option of even creating a hand made card, you can find a way to make the card just as special as the gift itself.

Selasa, 09 Juni 2015

Green Flooring - Care And Maintenance

Green flooring is becoming more common as families tend to save money on flooring options, cut down on energy bills and also endorse environment friendly solutions. Most conventional flooring options are extremely undesirable from the perspective of the environment. Two such flooring options which are also the most commonly used materials, in more than 70% homes in the US, are carpets and vinyl. Normal carpets are allergenic and are not biodegradable. Vinyl is a petroleum-based product. The manufacturing of these flooring materials also produce a lot of toxins and make use of non-recyclable materials.

Once you decide to use green flooring, it is one of the finest moves you can make for the environment and for your home. It is good for the health of your home and for your family members. Carpets made of wool, flooring materials made of plant materials such as sisal or green flooring options such as marmoleum and linoleum are ideal options.

Green flooring care and maintenance is crucial to maintain the quality of your flooring while enhancing their aesthetics. Every conventional cleaning method that we typically use, are not even remotely close to being environment friendly. Green flooring care is not just to care for your green flooring but also to use green products in every facet of cleaning and maintenance.

The first step you should take for floor care is to renounce the use of any harsh chemicals or detergents. There are many herbal cleaning products and environment friendly detergents that can be used to clean flooring. These are environment friendly and also absolutely harmless to human skin or for kids. They have pleasant aromas, natural extracts of plants and are hypoallergenic as well.
Along with green cleaning agents, it is important to use materials such as mops and others that are made from recyclable materials. Mops with nylons must be avoided since nylons are petroleum-based and are also not very friendly to you or your family's health.

Flooring maintenance would require a bit more extensive efforts. You must ensure that caulked areas remain caulked so that your home insulation doesn't take a hit, surging your energy consumption northwards. Every flooring material has a certain level of resistivity which would enhance its longevity. The flooring should be treated well, repaired as and when needed and preventive coatings such as lamination's should be used to keep the original green flooring material at its best shape and form.